Creating a Sustainable Future


People are the heart of every business. Across the entire value chain, from our global suppliers and employees to customers, partners, and the communities served by Mark, we’re working to change what’s possible, enrich lives and advance human progress around the world. We apply ethical principles everywhere in the ways in which we source and produce products and parts; in the conduct of our employees; and in our supply chain partnerships. We’re also working to enhance data security, and protect privacy.



Global forces such as climate change and population growth are stressing the resources of our planet beyond its limits. At Mark we’re working to reduce our impact, and that of our customers, on the environment by rethinking how we operate and innovate. To solve this challenge, we’re working to deliver increasingly environmentally sustainable IT. Our products and services create radical improvements in data processing and storage. We’re reducing waste, increasing processing power per watt, conserving water, limiting the use of hazardous substances, actively managing products at all stages of their lifecycle and changing the environmental impact of technology.


Technology turns ideas into solutions that transform entire industries. The tools enabling this disruption, like cloud computing, mobile technology, and big data analytics, are also sparking social change at an unprecedented pace and scale. Through our technology and programs we strive to increase access to information and markets, along with financial and social services, education, and employment.


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