Mark Aluminum Type-C Micro/SD Card Reader
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Mark has announced their latest aluminum USB Type-C micro/ SD card reader. Want a simple way to transmit data between your new MacBook and memory cards, this device is specially designed for MacBook lover.

Perfect Solution

It is the perfect solution for accessing your SD and Micro SD cards. The Type-C Card reader is equipped with both an SD card slot and Micro SD card slot which can be used simultaneously.


This is a practical and well-designed memory card reader that works with your USB-C equipped MacBook. As we can see from the images, the card reader shows off a minimalistic and sleek design, and ultra-compact profile allows you to easily store the small gadget with your memory cards in your bag with ease.

Gold and Silver

There are two colors options available to ensure the memory card reader matches with the charming skin of your MacBook.

Compatible for Micro SD and SD cards

The memory card reader comes with a micro SD card slot and SD card slot that can be used simultaneously for data transmission, and integrated USB-C port makes it support new MacBook and other laptops with USB Type-C ports.

Enhanced Durability

The Mark Aluminum Type-C Micro/SD Card Reader provides enhanced durability. In addition the aluminum finish also adds modern aesthetics.

technical specification
Transfer rate
Plug and Play
3.1 Type C interface
Product Weight
What's in the box
  • Mark Aluminum Type-C Micro/SD Card Reader (1 pc)

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