Mark VR3 All In One 3D VR Glasses
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The Mark VR3 All in One 3D VR Glasses has configuration that offers you high performance as well as immersive Virtual Reality experience. The Mark VR3 All in One 3D VR Glasses delivers you fun with its 360 degrees three dimensional interactive system. Additionally it has 3 different modes to choose from 2D, 3D and panorama.

Exynos 7420

Mark VR3 completely implemented Exynos 7420 SoC, of which the big talking points has move down to a 14nm FinFET industrialized process. It is built from ARM’s reference Cortex-A57 and A53 CPU cores and its Mali-T760 GPU technology.

Designed that suits you

The Mark VR3 All in One 3D VR Glasses headset is designed by looking forward to the European and American nose shape to effectively prevent the serious light leaking when occidental use. Also it has a slippy appearance and special treatment comfortable hands free

2k OLED Screen

Equipped with 2K AMOLED screen with low afterglow makes frame more fluently. AMOLED screen protects user’s eyes with considerably less harmful blue ray energy. The Mark VR3 All in One 3D VR Glasses offers up to 70HZ (Refresh Rate) much higher FPS than ordinary performance.

Immersive 3D VR Experience

It is specially designed with 360 degrees three-dimensional space interactive system for immersive experience. The Mark VR3 All in One 3D VR Glasses also has 2D / 3D / panorama optional for more Focus Adjustment & Myopia Concerns

Undoubtedly, the ideal solution

The Mark VR3 All in One 3D VR Glasses is ideal solution for glasses wearers would be focus adjustment allowing no glasses to be worn, but enabling users to adapt the lenses to their exact vision prescription. It is suitable for myopia within 0 - 600 degrees

Employs High-quality Non-Spherical PMMA Optical Lens

With its Lens` focal length: 23.5 ~32mm, Lens Diameter: 38.5 which is purer, offering distortion less image. The Combines optical magnification technology and image anti-distortion technology together, and VR3 own amazing 90ºFOV, which can offer wonderful immersive sense.

Ergonomic Design

The Ergonomic design is appropriate for 16 types of face shape. The Mark VR3 All in One 3D VR Glasses is more comfortable to wear and easier to adjust. It Supports Self adapting different population Interpupillary distance: 54 ~ 74mm.

2.4G/5G Dual Band WIFI & Bluetooth V4.0

The Wi-Fi offers no interference from other devices and also less crowding from other networks. With its Bluetooth V4.0 wireless transmission you can easily pair with Bluetooth-enabled devices.

technical specification
VR Glasses Type
VR Headset
2560 x 1440
0.398 kg
6.00 x 8.00 x 18.00 cm
Yes, Bluetooth V4.0
2.4G / 5G double frequency
96 degrees
Screen size
What's in the box
  • Mark VR3 All-in-One 3D VR Glasses (1 pc) | Earphones (1 pc) | Manual (1 pc)

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